Ultimate Slut Wife

My wife was always pleading with me to provide more men to fuck her, she wanted a cock in each hole and a cock in each hand, and then she was happy. 

Even though she was a filthy cheap slut, she had standards, she wanted fit, handsome young guys who were intelligent and funny, and blokes with long hair sent her wild. So often it could take a while to find four men who fit the description. 

One time I organised such a combination and it was decided we should all go camping. 

The wife was determined to have her way and fulfill her favourite fantasy where she was straddling one fellow who had his cock deep in her cunt as she rode him hard, while at the same time she had a cock down her throat, a cock in each hand and I was behind her, fucking her deep in the arse. 

She had to play it easy because always eager to please she was aching to suck them and fuck them as soon as they got in the van with us. 

We had chosen a camping site that was well isolated. We arrived before sunset, got our tents set up, a fire going, had some dinner followed by some drinks and smoko’. Everyone was laughing and having a joyful time. 

It wasn’t long before my slut of a wife was giving me a feel and winking at the lads. I was playing it cool but when she got up and went for a piss I could tell for the way she strutted her stuff that she was as horny as hell. 

I still hadn’t given the guys any lead, when my total slut of a wife, an outrageous nympho’, had stripped off in the bushes, and came back and stood in front of us stark naked. She “huh hummed”, and all the blokes jaws dropped. 

Her body was damn fine, she was absolutely gorgeous and in the fire light she looked even sexier. She stood akimbo and announced, “Gentlemen I have three holes that need fucking, I’ll do whatever you want, the dirtier the better, cum in any hole, cum any where you want. I’m your slut, just use me, let’s have some filthy fucking fun. Now get your cocks out.”

These guys weren’t slow to obey her, they had their gear off quick smart, and my slut wife rubbed her clit as she watched. We all stood naked and erect around her. She went down on her knees, grabbed my cock, opened her mouth, wrapped her lips around it and started sucking hard, she reached out to the blokes on either side of me and started wanking them. After a while of expertly sucking my cock, she shuffled around to the guy’s cock on my right, reached out to wank my cock and the cock next to the bloke she was sucking. This went on till she had thoroughly sucked all five of us hard. 

Then she stood up, took one guy by the hand, led him to the picnic blankets we had laid out, got him down on his back, stepped over him and arched her back, she threw her hair back, thrust her arse out, and with one hand held his cock and lowered herself onto him, guiding him into her wet cunt. She looked at us and started to put on a show, riding him, licking her lips, playing with her nipples and half closing her eyes in obvious pleasure. 

She did this for a while then pouted a look at me. I grinned and grabbed the lube tube, and went behind her, fingered some into her arse. She laid down, resting on the young lads chest. I squatted into position and placed a hand on her upper back to take my weight, then penetrated her arsehole with my cock. It’s a difficult position and I had to wriggle to get the whole shaft to the base, but soon I started to fuck her fully up the arse. Our friend underneath got the groove and started to fuck again. My slut wife immediately started to grind back into us, wanting every bit of cock we could give her. She absolutely loved to be used like this. 

Once we got into a rhythm she called the other three over. She truly couldn’t get enough cock. Standing in front of her she started sucking and wanking them. She was really getting off with having as many cocks in just as many holes and a couple to spare. 

It was a beautiful sight to see my wife acting the complete whore Nature had intended her to be. 

She was fucking back hard on my cock up her arse, and the cock in her cunt, and she wasn’t letting go of the cock in each hand, and even though she was looking up at the bloke she was sucking I could see that there was a blissful look upon her face. She was in rapture, so to take her further I said, “Come on slut! Start working all of our cocks so we can all cum at the same time.” My slut wife’s ultimate pleasure was when she was full of cock and each bloke emptied out fully into her at precisely the same time. She moaned with delight and I could sense she was climaxing. I grabbed my whore of a wife by the hips and just as I really started to fuck her tight arse deep and hard, my balls slapping loudly against her, I said to the lads, “Just use the slut lads and cum in this red hot slut wife of mine.”

The bloke who was getting his knob polished jammed his cock down my slut wife’s throat making her gag, she loved it, and this brought her to another shuddering orgasm, which in turn made us reach the point of no return. He roared as he shot his load in my slut wife’s mouth, the bloke underneath spasmed as he erupted into her cunt, and at the same moment I lost it and emptied out brutally into my cum slut wife’s arse. As I pulled out dripping cum on her back she stop sucking, pulled the other two in closer and wanked them off until they came over her face and boobs. She licked the last drops off their cocks. 

With a look of satisfaction, and a triumphant laugh she looked at our now withered cocks and said, “Now that you’ve all had me, you had better rest before you all line up and fuck my holes again.” 

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